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Jordan Driving School will be offering private classroom and driving lessons soon.


Due to uncertain funding from the state legislature, the Wake County Public School System will suspend its driver education program at the end of the day on August 21.

This is a program suspension. It is not a cancellation of the program.

The program was suspended because the General Assembly did not include driver education funding as part of a temporary statewide spending plan that began July 1. A final state budget is currently being debated by lawmakers. The current deadline for those negotiations is August 31.


What this means for students 

  • Students who have already started taking the driving portion of the program will be allowed to complete their instruction. 
  • Those who have not started the driving portion by Friday, Aug. 21, will be unable to begin that portion of the class at this time. 
  • If your student was registered for a class the week of August 17, they will be able to attend the class. 


It is unfortunate that the school district and Jordan Driving School have been put into this position.  We understand the importance of this training for the parents and students of Wake County.  There is simply no state funding available at this time to continue to provide these services.

Families will be notified about the future of the program once a final budget is approved by the General Assembly and funding levels are set for the program.


Jordan Driving School encourages you to contact your legislators immediately to speak on behalf of your child and the North Carolina Driver Education Program and ask them not eliminate the funding for the students. You may find all legislator's contact information on DriverEducationMatters.com.